CpSc 461, Software Engineering Techniques

Project Meeting 1

The Project

Throughout the rest of the semester you will be working with a team to implement a significant software project. Teams should consist of 3 or 4 people, and unlike lab exercises, you may choose to work with whomever you like. Regular lab exercises will continue each week with new teams, but the last hour will be set aside to allow you to work with your project team. The project is divided into 8 milestones, with the end of each week resulting in a new deliverable to be submitted. Each team will choose an existing Open Source project, decide on a new feature to be added, then analyze, design, document, implement, and test the new feature. Project results will be demonstrated to the rest of the class at the last lab meeting. The eight milestones are as follows:
  1. Choose an open source project
  2. Download and build the existing code
  3. Document the existing code's design
  4. Decide on a new feature to be added
  5. Analyze the new feature
  6. Design the new feature
  7. Code the new feature
  8. Test the new feature

Choosing a Project

At this week's meeting, you will need to organize a team and begin looking for an project. To find a project to work on, take a look at freshmeat.net or sourceforge.net. By next week's meeting (3/21), submit a list of your team's members and the project you intend to work on.

Project Suggestions

If you can't decide on a project you'd like to work on, try browsing through topics that you find interesting. For example, if you're interesting in graphics, try looking through the listings on freshmeat.net under Multimedia/Graphics. Or try searching by programming language: if your team wants to work in C++, try searching sourceforge.net for projects written in C++.